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Types of Assessment:

  1. In-class exercises

  2. In-class projects

  3. Homework projects

  4. Sketchbook/Journal

  5. Presentations

  6. Written self-evaluations

  7. Written peer evaluations

  8. Participation in oral critiques

  9. Research projects

  10. Final portfolio of work

  11. Participation in the year-end exhibition

  12. Midterm and Final Exams

Grades will be based primarily on the portfolio of work for the quarter and homework. Depending on the course, and the duration and level of difficulty of the project, each project may weigh from 5% to 25% of the term grade. Homework may weigh from 2-5% for each assignment.

Grading Criteria:

You will generally be graded on a combination of concept, design, technical quality, and participation.

  1. Research of ideas; concept development

  2. Strength and clarity of concept

  3. Strength of design

  4. Technical proficiency

  5. Presentation

  6. Understanding demonstrated in discussion and writing

  7. Class participation (attendance, work habits, ambition, listening, asking questions, contributing)

  8. Specific criteria for each assignment

These are the tools we use to measure your success:

  1. Creativity Rubric

  2. General Art Rubric

  3. Studio Habits of Mind Rubric

  4. Writing Rubric

How Art is Graded


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