Creativity is the ability to create something new and unique that has value.

** Please answer the survey questions at the end of this document. **


Create a digital portfolio of all your assignments this year that required you to think of and develop ideas, or assignments that have asked you to use materials creatively.


  1. 1.Using your iPad, take photos (good, focused, straight, close up) of any major creative thinking projects and homework assignments you have made this year (You do not need to photograph anything for which you already have a JPG.).

  1. 2.Collect your creative work from the year into a single folder on your iPad or your computer’s desktop.

3. Rename all the files, numbering them in the order in which you first made them.

Example: “01 projectname.jpg”.

Your portfolio should include projects that required you to think creatively, to generate ideas. The folder must include at least two examples of creative thinking for each term.

Term 1

01 project example

02 project example

Term 2

03 project example

04 project example

Term 3

05 project example

06 project example

Term 4

07 project example

08 project example

4. Create a GoogleDrive folder in your BPS Google account. Name it “YourLastName YourFirstName Portfolio”.

  1. 5.Upload all your JPGs into that GoogleDrive folder (To do this, you can simply drag them into that folder.).

  1. 6.Share your GoogleDrive folder with your art teacher. Share the entire FOLDER, not just the individual pieces.

  1. 7.Take this GoogleForm Creativity Self-Assessment to rate your ability to think creatively. Be honest -- This has no bearing on your grade.

Creativity Self-Assessment



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